9 am: Arrived a few minutes early and am first in line at my vaccination site. Get checked in — they need photo ID and insurance info, though I’m not charged. I’m told they’re bringing the vaccines to room temperature and will be with me in a minute.

9:10 am: Received vaccine shot #1, upper left arm. Little painful, not gonna lie. Felt like a bit of a sissy.

9:12 am: Sit in the waiting area to see if I’m going to go into anaphalaxis, or develop hives or something.

9:33 am: Still breathing on my own, so I can leave.

12:30 pm: My arm hurts.

1:15 pm: Napped for 30 minutes. Arm still hurts.

Is it getting worse? Seems a little worse.

3:00 pm: Doing dishes kind of sucks.

To Be Continued

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