On the tarmack, and I have to get this up ASAP because we’re due to take off relatively soon and this lady just handed me a menu.

I’ll really miss Beijing.  I’m ready to go home, but I fell in love with it.

Grading sucked up the entire day yesterday, as I knew it would. Thursday I was able to venture out one last time into the city via the most excellent supreme Beijing subway system.  Thanks to my friend Fan, a Beijing resident of 25 years, I saw the Temple of Heaven park and grounds, The National Museum, Tiananmen Square, the Forbidden City (from one end to the other), Ghost Street, downtown hutongs, and experienced Peking Roast Duck.  I saw things I never would have on my own.  She made the trip incredible, and  I’ll be forever grateful.

So much more to write about; I’ll post this one now, but will have lots of flight time in my private first-class cabin to work on a more thorough report.

Overall: Beijing 2019 was a rampant success.  The kids did exceptionally well, I worked my ass off, and I totally earned my Delta One seat.

The plane’s rolling… bye for now, China.  Maybe I’ll see you next year.

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