Beijing, the Capital City. Wow.  It is mind-blowing already and I’ve barely been here 36 hours.  EVERYTHING is different, and yet, in a lot of ways, things are the same as they are everywhere.  It’s a strange feeling.

A lot has happened so far, and there’s a lot I still need to do in the next day, most of it work-related, so this initial entry will be short.  But I want to keep a journal in real time while I’m here, which will be for approximately the next month, so I thought I should get the first real entry down at the end of my first full day.  Although time is a fluid notion, here; it was the next day when I arrived, since there’s a 12-hour time difference and China is ahead of EST those 12 hours, which places them across the international date line, so it is actually after midnight the 9th of June here… while it is still noon the 8th at home. Jet lag is a very real thing; I keep needing to sleep every 6 hours or so.

I’m here as part of my university’s partnership with Beijing University of Chemical Technology.  I’m teaching 2 classes, a total of 6 credit hours, for their summer term.  I hope I can get onto the schedule here before  my classes begin at 8 am Monday.

China is incredible so far.  Watch This Space.

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