You know, I kind of had this idea before, long ago, but inadvertently… and inadvertently, I did what I’m about to propose that I do again now on purpose: keep multiple journals/blogs, separated by objective.  Specifically, at least two; this one and a rant basket/”Extranea” one.

Because time and again, I find myself making notes for entries and false starts; things I really feel like writing about but for one reason or another shy away from putting up.  It’s likely wise–this blog was always meant to be an intentionally professional project, and I don’t want to mire it in unseemly tantrums.  I’ve seen writers I respected ruin their blogs — and in at least two cases, their readerships — by doing exactly that, particularly with political crap.

I’m not getting into it online with random screennames, so politics will very likely never happen here… or anywhere else online for me, but there’s still plenty of vociferation to be dispensed on other fronts.  So there are a couple reasons for multiple journals:  number one — maybe most importantly — it would let me vent and get this stuff off my chest.  It needs to get gone; all my life I’ve kept journals, and writing is my number one way of processing things, so the effort would be therapeutic and personal, a personal indulgence.  Number two, it could be entertaining.  Certainly it would result in more posts.

I don’t necessarily want to create a dumpsite for random displeasure and disapproval, but maybe I need one. At least it would keep me from polluting the main blog with petty fusses and displays of temper; responsible adults with an interest in avoiding drama and personality disorders could easy skate right past the mess.

Anyway it’s under consideration.  We’ll see.


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