Some days all I manage is one thing.  Ever have that?  Power enough only for the main thing, & not a micron more?  This happens to me more and more lately.  It’s particularly irritating during training, when the weekend long run’s mileage is increasing, because on long run days I know I’m going to accomplish nothing else, and I do mean nothing.  When I’m a rollicking success, I achieve a shower after.

Such inefficiency.  Is this what middle age does to you? Nutrition seems an effective answer to it; I’ve been back on the smoothie kick, trying to include chia, kale or spinach, beets, raw honey, and berries in every one I make, and usually one other fruit and/or one other vegetable.  It’s like magic; I can’t overstate the restorative effects.  One or two of these a day (12-24 oz.) makes everything better:  I sleep better.  Workouts hurt less.  Training endurance improves.  Mood improves.  Mental focus improves.  I really shouldn’t miss a day, but it’s kind of a hassle, cleaning and prepping six kinds of vegetables and fruit all the time, never mind shopping two or three times a week for fresh produce.  My first personal trainer used to do these smoothies every single day; she recommended cleaning a few days’ fruit and veggies beforehand and keeping them refrigerated for easy access, so throwing them together every day was mostly effortless.  I need too do this.  Seriously, it’s worth it.  The payoff is everywhere.

Anyway.  Maybe it’ll be easier when the weather warms up… I tend to do more miles outside then, and outside miles go by more easily with the smoothie thing going on.  This week is supposed to reach the high 50s.  Can’t wait.  I’m done with winter.



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