I love writing blogs by writers.  Whether I’m a fan of someone’s work or not, if they blog about their writing process, I’ll probably follow whatever they post and look for them elsewhere online.

I have a few favorites; I like hearing about their habits & perspectives & daily lives; I look forward to their posts, and miss them on quiet days.  There are a few whose books I buy because the authors themselves have grown on me through their blogs and I want to support them, even if they’re writers in genres I don’t read.  The process, the progression of creation & refinement, is pretty much the same for all of us, and it’s the common theme in the sort of thing I keep up with and pay attention to online.  There are a few I even like best when they’re discussing things that have nothing to do with writing, just regular day-to-day stuff.

Is it weird that I’m more interested in the informal rants & ramblings of people whose fiction I may have no interest in?

This seems weird to me.

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