A few years ago, for a number of reasons, I removed a public online journal I’d briefly kept.  I knew when I did it that I’d eventually have to come back to it, and it looks like that time is upon me.

Blogging as myself isn’t easy for me.   I like my privacy.  But the nature of publishing demands an online presence on a number of fronts, so here I am.

Last time, my focus was on the writing process. Not this time; I don’t think anyone but other writers cares a whole lot about that sort of thing.  It’d be fun and gratifying for me, sure, but it’d probably be boring for everyone else, and the point here is to have something interesting and extra and informal to say personally, apart from the books & published stuff (as yet on its way).  So… other topics.

I’m still figuring everything out.  Watch this space.

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